Our Rovers

Running with Rover employs only the best in the business. Our team of “Rovers” (aka Dog Walkers) is composed of highly responsible and knowledgeable staff.  They are trusted, experienced, educated, and passionate about dogs.

Our Rovers are trained using the Rover’s Urban Etiquette™ philosophy, which promotes healthy development ranging from puppies to adult dogs. This philosophy covers leash skills, good manners, appropriate play and proper socialization.  It’s dog walking at the next level.

Joustin Cordary

Running with Rover was founded by Pet Expert and Dog Trainer Joustin
Cordary.  Being the proud owner of a high-energy Labrador, Joustin found
it difficult to find a dogwalking company that really fulfilled the
needs of his dog and had the client communication he preferred.  He
wanted to know his dog was in a trusting environment while he was away
working long hours as a Marketing Manager.  He envisioned a company that
allowed dogs to run, play, be cared for and loved while learning at the
same time.  Since he could not find one, he abandoned his day job and
created one…Welcome to Running with Rover!


Ashely grew up in Northern California and earned her bachelor degree in Nutrition from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.  She spent some time on the east coast and became a registered nurse before moving to San Francisco.  She’s a triathlete and a mentor for Team in Training as well.  When she’s not out running with rover, she’s also a cardiac nurse at CPMC.   


Ethan is a Bay Area native who has shared a lifelong kinship with dogs.  He is a certified EMT and an extreme outdoor enthusiast.  During the evenings and weekends, Ethan is either camping, snowboarding, or being your local mixologist at a few hotspots in the city.  During the day, you can find him in North Beach or Fort Mason running around with his groups. 


Jill is a California native who earned her degree in Criminal Justice from Sacramento State University.  She has committed her life to her passion for dogs.  Not only does she provide all the full-time services for Running with Rover, she is also the head of Marketing for Copper’s Dream Rescue Organization.  Jill’s dedication to animals can be seen in all aspects of her life and in the eyes of all the dogs she interacts with…


Meg hails from Georgia, where she spent
her life surrounded by black labradors. She moved to Maine to earn her degree
in Art History from Colby College. After living in South Africa and Cambodia,
Meg chose to make San Francisco her home. When she’s not walking dogs privately
or in a group, she’s
 boarding them at her apartment.  Meg can be also be found
coaching gradeschool Girls on the Run and training for her next marathon.


Mike comes to us from New Jersey where he earned his degree in Finance from Bergen College.  Mike wanted a taste of urban living, so he moved west and landed in San Francisco.  He worked for a dog daycare for a year and a half before joining our team.  When Mike isn’t providing all the full-time services of Running with Rover, you can find him teaching guitar lessons or playing a gig with his band, Posole.  


Patrick moved to California from suburban Portland to earn his degree in Finance, with an emphasis is Entrepreneurialism from Loyola Marymount.  Patrick has loved dogs his entire life and was very eager to learn all of the ins and outs of the business of dog walking.  He is the primary trainer for new hires and fills in when another Rover is out.  Patrick knows all of our dogs on a first name basis and has come to form a bond with each one of them.  When he’s not Running with Rover, he is working on his own start up (Facebook.com/cogostar)


Hailing from the south, Keith was surrounded by many animals on his family’s rural farm.  He moved to Boulder to study business at the University of Colorado.  After college, Keith moved to San Francisco & currently works in finance for a luxury hotel company.  Keith loves walking in different neighborhoods by providing evening walks & spending quality time with the dogs while he’s providing boarding service.


Mariah moved to San Francisco from the Pacific Northwest.  She earned her degree from the University of Portland, where she was also one of the star athletes on their track and field team.  She is a financial recruiter by day, but starts every morning with her daily runs.  Not only is Mariah our primary dog jogger, she also provides brisk evening walks & makes sure they are well exercised when she is providing in-home boarding.

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