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Running with Rover offers boarding in three different choices:  Overnight in-home boarding at your home, overnight in-home boarding in the home of one of our Rovers, or scheduled boarding.  Each service we provide is personalized to you and your dogs needs.


According to the American Humane Society, your pets are happiest when they’re at home, surrounded by familiar sights, sounds and smells. Rest easy knowing that your pet is safe in its own bed with our around-the-clock boarding service. One of our Rovers will stay at your home and tend to all of your pets daily needs including walking, feeding, playing, and cuddling.  Our Rovers will follow your every request down to each detail.  They will be there when your dog goes to sleep & be there right when they wake up in the comfort of their own bed.


If you have to go out of town or need a weekend away and your dog cannot join you, why not let him or her sleepover at our place? Your dog will be the guest of honor in the home of one of our Rovers.  Each home will already be prepped for your dogs stay, or you can send them along with their own bed and toys.  Your dog can relax & watch TV, be at our side when cooking dinner, and lay alongside us when we sleep.  They will be walked a minimum of 4 times a day, or as they would if they were at their own home.


This option is the next best thing to home.  One of our Rovers will emulate your dogs’ daily schedule to keep them on their regular routine.  We will feed and walk your dog according to their schedule, the only difference being that the day will end with a before bed/late night “Stop & Drop” vs. having the Rover spend the night in your home.  We want your dog to feel comfortable and reduce the stress by your absence.  They will be given all the love and affection they can handle, with minimal disruptions to their daily routines.

Whether you would like your dog to be the welcomed guest in one of our Rovers’ homes, or would prefer to have us come to your home, our Rovers go above and beyond, assuring professionalism and peace of mind for both you and your dog.  You will be emailed a “Sleepover with Rover” log to keep you informed of your pets well being.  Boarding rates range from $10-$95/day depending on the type of boarding.


Contact us or call (415) 508-ROVE today to get started.

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