We understand the surplus of options when it comes to choosing a dog walker.  We are honored that you are taking time getting to know a little more about Running with Rover and what gives us our distinction from the others…

Running with Rover not only considers each dog to be part of our community, but part of our family as well.  Our goal is to provide a service that contributes to your dog’s happiness & health.  We aim to keep them as happy, safe, stimulated, socialized, well cared for, and loved as you do.  We want to provide more than simply taking your dog out for a walk.  We want to reinforce training and give you ultimate peace of mind that your dog is in the best of care.

There are larger dog walking organizations claiming to be San Francisco’s “premier” dog walking company. Running with Rover is a company that can actually quantify such a claim. Here are some examples of our distinctions:

  • We offer a variety of services that will fit you & your dog’s lifestyle & safely engage them in stimulating activities that reinforce proper urban etiquette.
  • We do not simply round up your dog in a van, drive them around for an hour, & take them to a random park. Dogs are taxied in luxury SUV’s equipped with air conditioning and sunroofs for ample ventilation.
  • We partner with local and national non-profit organizations and pledge a percentage of our profits to give back to our communities.
  • We employ Rovers that love dogs and abide by a strong code of ethics when taking your dog out.
  • We value loyalty and created a rewards program that allow our clients to receive additional services at no additional cost.
  • We believe that communication is key and offer constant updates, allowing you to feel like you take part in their daily activities.

Ultimately we aim to make the time your dog spends running with Rover be the highlight of their day.

Contact us or call (415) 508-ROVE today to get started.

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