Running with Rover is the premium dog walking company for San Francisco’s most prestigious canine residents.  Our Philosophy at Running with Rover is not just a philosophy; it is our way of life.  We specialize in positive, gentle, & humane methods while caring for your dog.

Our philosophy is based on the values of four S’s:  Safety, Stimulation, Socialization, & Sustainability.


Running with Rover believes safety is the first priority. Every Rover completes an intense six week training before they are allowed to manage a group on their own.

Each of our Rovers are equipped with a “Rover Ready Pack.” These packs are worn by our Rovers at all times.  Not only do the bags have a first aid kit, they also have purified water in a BPA-free bottle with a collapsible bowl.  We don’t want our dogs drinking from an unknown water source.

You may have seen us around walking to the park with our hand’s free method.  We use climbing equipment and load bearing carabiners to clip each leash to our waist.  If a dog were to bolt, he would have to take the Rover with them.  Rest assured that would never be the case because we employ Rover’s Urban Etiquette.

For added safety, we use a key clip & will never put your address, name/dogs name, or even initials on any key or key ring.  All of our Rovers have a system of memorizing each key.

Our clients can also feel safe by knowing that we research each park we take our dogs.  We make sure they are not crowded by other dog walkers/loose dogs, transients, & are appropriate for the group.  Running with Rover is also a bonded and insured company.


According to the ASPCA, dogs need more than just exercise & love…they need to be stimulated in order to live a fulfilled life. Every one knows that a restless dog can easily become problematic at home & have behavioral issues when in public.

In order to keep any behavioral or health problems at bay, Running with Rover keeps your dog both mentally & physically stimulated during the entire time they are entrusted in our care. We model our walks after a workout; with the “warm up” walk to the park, the “work out” fun off-leash time at the park, & the “cool down” structured walk back home.

There are plenty of debates on which method of dog walking is better for your dog, rather it be on-leash vs. off-leash. We solve that debate by incorporating both! We train using the Rover Urban Etiquette method to mentally stimulate the dogs while on leash. All of our Rovers have, both a chuck toy & a tug toy, in their Rover Ready Packs & use them everyday to keep all the dogs physically stimulated.

Remember, just because your dog may be away from home with another dog walker, it does not necessarily mean they are actually being exercised and stimulated. When your dog is out running with Rover, rest assured they are safely taken care of, showered with love, & constantly on the move being physically & mentally stimulated.


Running with Rover believes proper socialization is a must! We believe dogs are pack animals that flourish by being around other dogs & loving people.  Dogs who are properly socialized help reinforce appropriate behavior. Dogs who are regularly socialized by being around other dogs & people outside of their home help them continue to have consistent positive interactions. Proper & regular socialization helps emphasize canine etiquette &  helps keep your dog calm in public settings…rather it be at the dog park, the beach, or simply walking down the street.

Running with Rover takes socialization to the next level with our dogs, their owners, and the community. We help foster a communal environment with our dogs and owners and as a company we give back to our community. Running with Rover pledges a percentage of our revenue to national and local non-profits. We affiliate with local schools and businesses to help fill in social gaps, rather it be providing discounted services for people who adopt a dog from a rescue organization or to bring one of our dogs for a therapy session at an assisted living facility. Learn more about our affiliations here.


Running with Rover uses every opportunity we can to reduce our carbon footprint. We make sure we have as little impact on the environment as possible. We employ elements that would not only enhance our business, but aid in carbon reduction.

Since we all live and breath the same air, road emissions are a big concern.  Many dogwalking companies have dogs traveling in their vehicles for up to hour at a time.  Not only are dogs inherently carsick, some dog walking companies subject them to being needlessly driven throughout the city.  Running with Rover only uses a vehicle to transport when necessary and limits the number of dogs to four.  We encourage our Rovers to walk or take public transit as often as possible to get to the neighborhood of their group.  If we are going to be traveling around the city we should at least do it cleanly.

Another big concern is the use of plastic waste bags.  While reusing a plastic grocery or produce bag to collect dog waste is technically recycling, Running with Rovers takes it up level.  Although the City of San Francisco does not compost dog waste, we are committed to only using compostable and/or biodegradable bags that break down easier with dog waste.  We purchase them in bulk online and offer them to our clients at cost.

Even with all of these elements in practice, we realize inevitably there will still be tiny carbon footprint left behind.  So in order to help counter this, we plant trees through the Arbor Day Foundation.  Running with Rover is always looking at innovative ideas to improve our environment and have a positive impact on our environment.

Contact us or call (415) 508-ROVE today to get started.

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