Training & A La Carte Services



Running with Rover believes dog training cannot rely on just one method alone. Each dog is an individual & therefore requires a unique approach. Factors that determine the style of training include your dog’s age, breed, personality, & upbringing. Basic Obedience teaches all the fundamental cues & addresses common unwanted behaviors & their solutions for puppies & adult dogs.

Running with Rover offers private training ranging from puppy classes to obedience training. Private training is a great option if your work schedule doesn’t permit you to join a class, if you want to focus on specific behaviors, if your dog needs behavior modification of vital issues like separation anxiety, house training, resource guarding or excessive barking. Our full-service private training can take place at your home or at a neighborhood park. You do not have to be present for private training sessions. Running with Rover genuinely feels that proper training is vital for a healthy and fulfilling relationship between owners, their dogs, & the community.

Alongside the array of services we offer, we also offer services a la cart. They include:


If your pet needs to be taken to a vet appointment, the groomers, or needs to be dropped off with a friend, let Running with Rover be your taxi.  Transportation service is $30 for round trip.

Paw Wipes:

Walking the streets of San Francisco, we see it all.  If your dog has free reign of the house, we highly recommend paw wipes.  We will wipe down their mouth and paws with pet friendly wipes that have aloe and vitamin E.


Rather you have a dog that has a long haired coat or one with short hair, we offer brushing for both.  For our long haired dogs, a weekly brushing is important to keep matting at bay.  For our short haired dogs, we use a “Furminator” brush to help dramatically reduce shedding.


We cover basic feeding at no additional cost.  In addition, Running with Rover also offer prepared meals.  Our wet food is available in different varieties and are created by our resident dietitian and veterinarian approved.  They recipes are created for optimal canine health.

Food Delivery:

We understand many people opt to not have a vehicle in the city, or they do not want to carry a 40lb. bag of dog food up a flight of stairs.  Running with Rover can  arrange to have your purchased and delivered.  It is as simple as phoning in the request.  We simply add the to your next invoice.

Compostable Waste Bags:

Running with Rover believes in being as eco-friendly as possible.  We purchase compostable and/or biodegradable waste bags online in bulk.  We pass the savings back to our clients and offer them at $1.15/Roll (20/roll)

Contact us or call (415) 508-ROVE today to get started.

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