Group Services

Running with Rover will come to your home to pick up your dog for a fun-filled time of a structured walk and supervised off-leash play in a safe & clean park. We pre-arrange the playgroups based on location & upon each dogs’ individual characteristics such as size, energy level, temperament, and age.

Each day will begin with a relief walk on the way to the park. Upon arrival at the park, under the trained, fostering, & watchful care of our Rovers, your dog will frolic, engage, chase, fetch, tug, pounce, & run to their heart’s content while in one of our fun playgroups. The outing is concluded with a structured walk back home, where we reinforce Rover’s Urban Etiquette.  Most of the groups average only 5 dogs.



This is our All-inclusive package. It includes a daily 1-1.5 hour outing during the week & the rest of the regular services in the “Running with Rover” option below.  It also includes your choice of having your dog in an additional group. *You can choose either 2 group outings during the day, or 1 group outing and daily evening walk (M-F). Plus every month you will receive one night of boarding with this package.  All of the a la cart services are also included.  Rover Elite is offered starting at $695/Month.


This is our most popular service. This package includes a daily 1-1.5 hour outing during the week. You will receive daily updates, weekly pictures, & monthly videos of your dog while they are out running with Rover.  You will also receive a monthly “Rover Report Card” to help monitor training consistency between in-home & group outings.  Running with Rover is offered at $595/Month.

*Both “Rover Elite” and “Running with Rover” qualify for our Rover Rewards Program.

BARK @ the PARK:

If you are just wanting to have your dog taken out in a safe & stimulating setting, then have them join us with “Bark @ the Park.” This service includes a daily 30-40 minute outing during the week. They will run, play, and scurry around the park with the rest of the dogs. Bark @ the Park is offered at $385/Month.


If you have a low energy dog, or just need your dog to be relieved during the day, then our “Stop & Drop” service is ideal. One of our Rovers will stop by your home and take your dog for a quick 10-15 minute relief walk. Stop & Drop is offered at $245/Month.


This group is for dogs needing a little more attention rather because of temperament or age. We keep these groups small to work with behavioral modification or to do light to moderate training in a more intimate environment. Semi private groups are limited to a maximum of 4 dogs. The semi private group rate is offered at $595/Month.


We do offer the “Running with Rover” package part-time. It would be $25 per session if you would like your dog taken out for 30 minutes and $35 per session if you would like your pet walked for an hour.

Discounted rates are available for dogs in the same home/building & for dogs who join Running with Rover through a referral.

Contact us or call (415) 508-ROVE today to get started.

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